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IT Service Center – Computer repair – Search Engine Optimisation

IT Service Center – Computer repair – Search Engine Optimisation

From our years of experience we can confirm that our services demanded by our customers most frequently were:

  • Installation of operating systems and installing hardware components
  • Configuration of complex applications and programs
  • Computer Service – Hardware diagnosis and replacement of faulty components
  • Installation and configuration of drivers(if necessary)
  • Installation of standard software
  • Dust cleaning from IT parks, components or LCDs
  • Virus removal and data recovery
  • Permanent deletion of data using the DOD 5220.22-M standard
  • Hardware diagnostics
  • Hardware services for motherboards and video cards
  • BIOS upgrade or BIOS rewrite
  • Replacement of defective hardware components and reinstallation or reconfiguration
  • Replacement of defective LCD screens (lamps, inverters, with inactive pixels or total failures)
  • Repair of network plugs, exchange of power supplies
  • Installation of operating systems and backup of current data
  • Installation of drivers, common programs and their configuration

Data Recovery

  • We provide data recovery for physical drives (HDD, SSD) in computers and laptops with viruses or partial damages as well as complete data loss (E-mail Recovery, databases for financial accounting programs, critical programs, files like images, documents, videos, etc.)
  • A data recovery can be carried out in part or fully, depending on the damage of the storage medium

For highly complicated hardware works we cooperate with Kroll Ontrack and its professional Data Recovery  CLASS 5 Lab. Information regarding the individual steps of data recovery can be found on our site Data Recovery Steps page. The prices of data recovery you may find on our of Data Recovery Prices page.


  • We plan, organize, restructure and rewire computer networks for companies and individuals (internal networks, the communication devices, via the Internet)
  • We install and configure the network devices associated – vDSL modems, wireless routers, firewalls, repeaters and bridges
  • We install and configure Windows RRAS (building structured networks for a local Windows Server)
  • We install and configure cheap VOIP telephony for landlines, for Android systems, iPhones or Windows mobile phones
  • We install independent Hotspots with complex management systems, debiting systems with the possibility of crediting the starting webpage with of their own design, prepaid payment receipt or payment by invoices, data limitation, recording of data traffic, high level of security, etc.

IT service contracts

We help in all aspects of IT infrastructure, starting with standard repairs to hardware upgrades and maintenance.
We offer our customers telephone and monthly e-mail support, both for companies and for individuals at low prices, such as from 80,00 – Euro / month, 100% prioritized service and a free remote maintenance application.

Our IT service contract offer covers the following services from:

  • Monthly maintenance of IT systems for the detection and prevention of defects (hardware cleaning, cabling verification and software optimization)
  • Diagnosis and repair with fast response time
  • Emergency interventions, overnight and holiday inserts
  • Server maintenance in Datacenters, exchange of hotswap components, controllers, power supplies, etc. Our staff is Seagate, PureStorage and MicroServer Certified.

Common software and hardware problems with defective PCs and laptops

The computer freezes, restarts or even turns itself off after a certain time:

  • Usually occurs after an overheating of the system due to dust on a cooling system
  • Memory modules or Video memory modules are partially defective
  • Insufficient voltage due to a power supply defect
The computer freezes, the laptop starts alone again or turn itself off, overheated PC, overheating, cooler fan makes noise, hard disk LED is continuously lighted

The computer restarts before loading the Windows operating system (sometimes with bluescreen – BOSD)

  • Windows drivers problems
  • Virus infected OS
  • Incorrect installation of a peripheral device
  • Missing or corrupt system files
  • Corrupt disk partition(s)
  • Defective disk zones(so-called bad sectors on the hard drive in the area in which the operating system is, usually the first partition)
  • Hardware defect in RAM memory or video memory
  • Installed drivers are incompatible with the operating system
  • Corrupt antivirus component
The computer restarts before initialization of the Windows OS, blue screen, BOSD

The computer fan jump on but: no beep, no video signal

  • Defective power supply
  • Defective memory modules that has a bad contact in the slot
  • Defective motherboard
  • Fused processor
  • Defective BIOS memory
  • External graphics card is defective or has a bad contact in slot
Missing video signal, no input signal, the monitor does not start

The computer will start normally, boot normally but without a video signal

  • Video connector (SVGA or HDMI) is defective or has a bad contact
  • Defective Monitor – folded-screen, defective exchange tensioner or an internal circuit burnout
  • For laptops the videocard cable may have been broken
Defective HDMI connector, HDMI bent pin

The computer starts normally, but the colors are displayed in shades of red, green, blue or combination:

  • The video connector is defective or has been only partially pluged-in
  • Defective video cable
  • Connector pin for the RGB video signal is distorted or bent, by strong pressing the plug into the video jack
The LCD monitor is damaged, shows colors green, red, blue, broken video connector contacts, defective HDMI cable

The keyboard or the touch pad does not work:

  • Defective contact band due to fluid impact, usually by deliberately dropping tea, wine, or a cup full of coffee
  • Corrupted driver
  • Virus attack. For example, the virus could prohibited turning the keyboard keystrokes to avoid pressing the ALT+CTRL+DEL
Defective keyboard, touchscreen defective, blocked keyboard keys, coffee over keyboard

The computer seems very slow and sluggish

  • Overload of a process in memory by a loop without loop end
  • Overload of memory through open programs, auxiliary processes and system processes
  • Strong disk fragmentation, common problem found in laptops
  • Active virus in action
  • The processor is overheating, which can lead to freezing or restart of the entire system
Slow PC, slow running laptop, the programs are freezing

No access to Internet or limited connection error messages when connecting to the WiFi (WLAN)

  • Complete defective router, router is defective or incorrectly configured
  • Bad wireless LAN connection
  • Active virus in action
  • Missing DNS servers in the system configuration
  • Missing DSL signal (for vDSL modems)
  • Long distance between router and computer / laptop and interfering with other signals in between (microwave ovens, thick walls)
Limited connection, limited access, unidentified network, no network access, no Internet access, lack of Internet connection, without Internet

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