Did you know that 60% of customer computers reach our lab because the vents are locked or not cleaned of dust?

Did you know that every second hand computer or laptop must be cleaned once a year in the household?

Did you know that such cleaning can not be easily done at home?

Did you know that the warranty does not cover the damage due to overheating caused by dust?


Cleaning of IT systems

Cleaning of IT systems, dust cleaning, cleaning Monitors, LCD

The dust

Over time, the cooling system of a laptop or computer collects dust in the ventilation inlets, thereby cooling the affected or even blocking air flows and even cooling fan destruction may result. Over time, an increasingly dense stream of dust, caused by dust wall, carpet, cars, will no longer allows air to escape from ventilation system. Overheating due to dust is a common symptom of compact systems with an active cooling (fan cooling) feature.

Laptop gets hot and overheated, high temperature


Overheating is a disease for your laptop. Over time, high heat leads to a reduction of the performance of electronic components, premature, slow and destruction of electonic components. We found cases in which they were not destroy the chips, however had broken away from the boards so that the computer’s performance declined significantly. In such cases, the cost of repair can exceed the cost of a replacement part new purchase.

The typical practices with a  dusty system are as follows:

  • a complete disassembly of the laptop into its individual components
  • cleaning, lubrication and oiling the cooling fan
  • complete cleaning of the fan cooling system
  • exchange of thermal paste and thermal insulation (if required)
  • exchange of the fan if it is blocked or becomed noisy
  • a professional laptop mounting
  • check the cooling system under slightly overloads

Depending on the model, a complete change of a cooling system last a few minutes to several hours. After some extensive maintenance of this system is subjected to performance tests. These operations can last until one is going to work together.

Fan cleaning laptop, loud cooling fans, locked fan
Locked laptop cooling system, dirt and dust, fan failure
Dirty PC, loud fans, overheated laptop, hot
Dust in the fan, dusty computer, the laptop heats up strongly

The disassemble the computer, the cleaning of the cooling system and the reassembly is carried out by one of our qualified engineers with specialized equipment that is found only in professional service centers. The confined and crowded architecture of today’s systems require big skills even the most ambitious amateurs!

The prices of such interventions can be found on mobiler PC SERVICE Nueremberg – Pricing page.

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