mobile PC Service Nuremberg offers you services for a professional data recovery, for a large number of different data media with logical or physical defects, with partly or completely lost data. Our professional data recovery is aimed at both the private personal information (documents, images, videos, etc.), as well as business clients with compromised corporate data (emails, projects, etc.).


Data recovery

Data Recovery from hard drives

  • Any model / interface: IDE, SATA, SDD, SCSI systems,  simple or RAID
  • Any brand (Seagate, Samsung, Western Digital, Matrox, Hitachi, Excelstor, Toshiba, HP, IBM, etc.)
  • Any size – internal or external hard drives

Data recovery from flash memory card

  • Any model: Flash Drive, SD card and mini SD, Mutimediakarten – MMC, Memory Stick Pro Duo (Sony), etc.
  • Any brand: AData, Kingston, Kingmax, Transcend, Corsair, Toshiba, Panasonic, etc.

Types of defects

data recovery from logical disk defects, blue screen, UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME 0x000000ED, the computer doesn't boot

Logical defects

Logical defective come most frequently due to poor working operating systems. Even if the hard drive has no physical problems, data may be wholly or parts as impaired.

Electrical disk defects, defective interface, the hard disk is no longer recognized

Electrical defects

Electrical defects are most often due to power outages or been accidentally short circuits. In such cases, the interface no longer works accordingly so that the hard drive is no longer recognized. The data recovery it’s done by identifying and replace the damaged components or by a complete replacement of the entire interface and BIOS exchange.

Data recovery from mechanical hard disk defects, metallic sounding clicks, hard disk loud, repairs of external hard drives

Mechanical defects

Are the most common defects that can lead to a loss of some or all of the data of the storage medium. These defects occur in shocks, then when the semi-flexible reading the disk heads come into physical contact with the rotating disk plates. After such a shock we hear most unusual noises coming from the hard drive cage and the computer will not boot up. We recommend immediately to request our professional data recovery services, as the data recovery rate in such a case is very small.

Causes and Symptoms

Symptoms of a defective hard drive


  • Creates unusual noises or vibrations
  • The operating system hangs / blocked and generates error of type WriteError
  • Folders disappear suddenly or after computer restart
  • Overheating or automatic disconnection of the storage unit

Possible causes that can lead to data loss


  • Power failure or power surges
  • Overwrite and/or deleted data
  • Mechanical effects
  • Viruses
  • Accidental or human failure
  • Fire, flood – or such calamities

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