– If the hard drive starts to lose data –

Turn off the computer / laptop immediately!

Do not restart!

Don’t install anything new!

Do not attempt to open the defective storage medium!

Do not try using data recovery software to data recovery itself!

Do not try to heat or to cool down the storage medium!

Immediately contact our professional data recovery personal!

Watch Out! Each failed attempt of data recovery lowers the probability of recovery of your data to minimum!

Data recovery prices

Our analysis and diagnosis is free and will normally be made within 24 hours.

No Data, No Charge – A payment is only required if a significant part of the data was saved.

The final cost can be determined only after the data recovery process. This depends on the nature of this defect, the time spent and the complexity of the work made.

# Defect Price*
Hard drives Logic failure 150 Eur
Electrical defects 190 Eur
Firmware failure 190 Eur
Mechanical defects 400 Eur
RAID Matrix reconstruction 599 Eur
SSD Logic failure 350 Eur
Physical failure 600 Eur
Flash memory Logic failure 150 Eur
Physical failure 200 Eur

* – Starting from

If you have already have attempted to rescue the data from the storage medium, we reserve our rights to rise the price for data recovery up to 100%!
We do not provide emergency services and do not practice “emergency” tariffs!
Rates stated are no fixed prices (there are just estimated standard prices) and do not include VAT. An exact price you can get only after a detailed analysis (free)!

For further questions please contact us on telephone number +49 911-6261483 or:

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