If you have noticed the disappearance of sensitive data when you can not reach the storage medium for various reasons, especially if physical defects are apparent (the hard drive is making strange noises), it is imperative to request the services of a professional data recovery. Any unauthorized attempt data recovery reduces the chances of your data being successfully recovered to a minimum!

Data recovery steps

Our professional data recovery services includes the following steps:

Damage Assessment, identification of the damage cause

Preliminary examination

The customer gives us as much information as possible about the causes and symptoms of the data to be rescued. This is followed by a brief assessment of the significance of the data to be rescued. The process is documented by a filled out form by which we commit to treat the data to be rescued as strictly confidential

Hardware and software diagnosis of the hard disk, clean room conditions CLASS 5


First we will perform a totally free initial assessment. Upon receipt of the storage medium a series of detailed analyzes will be followed by a complete evaluation with regard to the processing time and the costs involved. After complete analysis, you can decide whether the value for money offered is in accordance with a contract, otherwise we will send the disk back immediately. The detailed analyzes are carried free of charge if you give us the order for data recovery. Detailed analyzes include physical and logical examination of the storage media with the help of special hardware and software. The analyzes are performed in a clean room CLASS 5, this is also our guarantee to our customers that their data will take no additional damage, whether we get placed an order for data recovery or not. Moreover, you need not pay anything if we could not recover your data. The data recovery process begins only when we receive an order confirmation from you.

Data recovery from hard drives, flash drives

Data recovery

Once the data recovery process is running, we can provide a more accurate estimate of the processing time. This varies by subjective factors, in some cases, must be changed even data recovery method. The processing time may vary depending upon the detected defect (physical / mechanical, logical, etc.), the storage type and the amount of data to be rescued. Such a process can take up to 30 days, although not more than 48 hours for this are usually necessary. For the entire duration of the data recovery process, we will give you detailed information about the course of rescue operation.

Data delivery free, data recovery analysis free


We can supply the recovered data on any storage medium you want. If you do not reside in the city of Nuremberg will be your data to you for free, sent after successful data recovery. By offering a free supply of recovered data, we hope you to have our customers completely satisfied with our services and look forward to welcoming at any difficulties with your IT as a customer.

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