Operating systems need software optimisations. OS legacy software and many other freeware software packages are carriers of secretly install of other small applications, users rarely use or which are simply do not need. This unnecessarily tasks take a course in computer memory and reduce the speed of the operating system considerably. Unnecessary system services of operating systems must be permanently stopped or discontinued. These services are provided to be useful to a wide audience of computer users, in most cases, however, we use this only 1/3 of them. Therefore, the recommendation is rarely used services only let be started when needed, and only in a specific sequence in order not to overload the boot sequence.



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Operating system vendors automatically during installation it enable a whole range of services so that they are as well prepared as possible for the needs of a broad mass of users. The problem is that the needs of different users vary and therefore some of these programs running in memory are not necessary.

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Malware is a general term for their category include programs that have been crafted specifically for offensive deterioration of IT systems. These include viruses, worms, trojans, ActiveX content, malicious JS scripts, which can lead to data stealing, including attacks of type Denial of Service (DDoS).

Unnecessary or harmful applications are many: Toolbars also installed when installing freeware programs, adware and spyware components, temporary data or duplicates different and useless components after uninstalling some (used) applications in the past, etc. There are many situations where rootkits can affect and lead to the poor performance of an operating system by a viral infection or other type of malware families that have emerged or downloaded in hidden ways. To be able to hide as much as possible within the operating system, one legitimate driver can fully or partially overrided and the result then makes a much reduced computational power left. A ignore to these problems brings a waste of resources, lack of power, IT security problems, unnecessary energy consumption, the phenomenon of “aging system”, etc. with it.

Important factors

Data fragmentation

An important factor which has a great impact on the performance of the computer is the data fragmentation. The data fragmentation occurs when especially the disk reaches the memory limit or the reserved disk system space is getting smaller. The hard drive is thereby forced to “fragment” and redistribute files more and more depending on availability, which can characterize increases the read and write time of the disk  noticeably. Thus forcing the fragmentation of your hard drive data to work in addition, a complete reading is then only take place if the fragmented data – that have been located on different memory locations on the hard disk – which greatly affect the entire the read-write process. A disk defragmenter application can help: rearranges fragmented data in a natural way, so that they can be read at the maximum possible speed. This allows the hard drive more efficient to work so perfectly. A defragmentation process may take several minutes to several hours. The most important criteria are the degree of defragmentation, hard drive capacity, the number of files and the chosen defragmentation algorithm.

DDoS attacks of the type

The performance of an operating system can be affected significantly by an online haker attack. DDoS attacks are those type that purpose is to block online listening applications and are becoming more common on Web servers and Web services. Private computers are usually not targets of such attacks, the main objective are larger or smaller sites. The goal is an unfair removal of market competitors, which may lead to significant financial losses at these sites. Such an attack can compromise the functionality of a web page for a few minutes, several hours or even days. An equally noticeable effect is a slow run of the entire system and can lead to complete blockage of software features.

Computer viruses

Computer viruses not only affect the performance of your computer – some of you were online banking frauded,  passwords or personal data stealed. Software for invasion of privacy or other fraudulent intentions such as identity theft also belongs to the category of malware (spyware). In most cases, these malicious programs have been programmed by amateurs, which bring a whole series of problems and incompatibilities and whose presence makes itself obvious into the existing operating systems, usually with a continuous noticeable degradation of the system performance.

Typical symptoms of an infected operating system:

  • News of the antivirus and antispyware program or frequent system messages
  • unknown error messages
  • The operating system freezes for no apparent reason, a / reboot automatically
  • Slow or nonexistent network connection
  • Modified of Home Page in the web browser
  • Strange advertising which appears often
  • Stopped or inactive antivirus programs
  • Utilities refuse to serve (taskmgr, regedit)
  • Keyboard combination locked (ATL+CTRL+DEL)

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